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ARRIVAL-On landing at Prague airport it was about a 35 Min's taxi ride to the Hotel Duo. The hotel is in Praha 9, which is a long way from Praha 1 (the town centre). THE HOTEL-Very large and busy.There are prostitutes that hang out in the reception lounge waiting for your trade, not really what you expect on arrival to a 4 star hotel (There are plenty other places to go in Prague if you fancy something erotic).The room we had was equip with a T.V. en-suite bathroom and was clean.Our view out of the window was straight onto the car park!! Praha 9 landscape isn't pretty, lots of ugly looking flats. It's very very limiting of where to go locally if you fancy change at night.We found an Italian Restaurant over the road (about 400metres away) which was Good.No other bars or anything. You have to pay to use the swimming pool as it is not part of the hotel but part of the leisure centre under the hotel. FOOD IN THE HOTEL-There are 3 restaurants but we didn't get a chance to try all of them.You can get served with food until 1 a.m. reasonably priced too.Be aware of a dish called Tiddler's it looks like whitebait when served, but tastes nothing like it's Terrible.I tried a pike-perch dish from the menu, this was O.K.

Breakfast was good, with everything available from traditional cereal, to cooked breakfast, cheese & salami's, plus cake & fruit! LAGER IN THE HOTEL- 95p in the main reception lounge-open until 2 a.m.

40p in the bowling alley-open until 11 p.m.

30p in the pool room-open until 5 a.m. (this can be found just off the bowling alley and must not be mistaken with the pool table that is in the casino) They just rip you off in the casino for drinks so steer clear or stay lucky if betting. A cheap place to stay but you are a long way from the centre of Prague. GETTING TO TOWN-You can get into Prague town centre by taxi for about 7.00 pounds it takes about 15 Min's if you are not in the rush hour traffic.Watch out as one tried to charge us 20.00 pounds back from the town centre. FINAL-A cheap place to stay but you are a long way from the centre of Prague. MY TIP-Stay out all day in the town,see all the beauty that Prague has to offer.Drink the bear in the great bars,eat yourself stupid (as the food is not at all as bad as people say) then come back and drink even more Lager at 30p a pint in the pool room. "CHEAP AS CHIPS" as Mr Dickinson would say!

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