It's really just a bar that has rooms to stay in if you're too drunk to go home. A review of The Standard, Hollywood

The Standard Hotel is really nothing but sub-standard, in many ways. The rooms are too noisy for rest, as they overlook either the 24/7 activities of the Sunset Strip, or the hip-happening bar and pool lounge. The rooms have no drawers with which to put your traveling stuff away, so you have to live out of your suitcase. The one small closet is taken up mostly by the well-stocked mini-bar. When I finally got the iron and ironing board I requested 4 times before it arrrived, I tried to store it in the closet and found that the bottle opener attached to the mini-bar was being held on by gravity only, rather than the screw that kept falling out if you looked at it funny. The lighting in the bathrooms with the orange tiles was completely inadequate for anything more but not irritating you if you had a hang-over, and one of those inadequate lights kept flickering out for no apparent reason. The shampoo and conditioner they so graciously give you is enough for one person only; there was no table in our room, nor anything but one bean bag chair, so our room service food was eaten on the floor.

It's one of the hottest bars in town for the under-30 crowd, with rooms for them to pass out in after drinking all night. That's about all it was good for. And drinking THERE, was ridiculously expensive. Overally, the money we spent there was a waste. I'd rather have stayed in the Best Western down the street -- at least I might have gotten a drawer or somewhere other than the floor to eat.

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The Standard, Hollywood
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