It's not the Dells, but then again the Dells isn't in a city! A review of The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel

I had a hard time rating the hotel because I really was surprised at how nice the rooms/decor and restored depot/rink were and I have no complaints about the staff. But the waterpark is what we stayed there for and what disappointed us. I will always use the Wisconsin Dells' hotels as benchmarks for weekend getaways with kids that enjoy water.

The Dells also give adults the oppurtunity to congregate in a comfortable atmosphere while keeping an eye on the kids. The depot waterpark didn't deliver either. Right off the bat I noticed the staff and some informed parents were wearing earplugs! The noise level was deafening. It is hard to imagine a better location for a family weekend than downtown in a major league city, but that limits space for an indoor waterpark. We realized that it's just too cramped. The only seating available at pool level is to perch on a ledge around the perimeter. Hardly condusive to conversation and what's worse, leaves those who wish to remain in street clothes vulnerable to drenching by the gushing fountain situated too close to edge of the pool. What really matters is the kids didn't even seem to like it. I was amazed when my 7 year old told me after less than 2 hours he was done being in the water and would rather go watch Spongebob! One of the other families we were with cancelled their 2nd night there because their kids wanted to go home! So bottom line: even though we all live 20 minutes from the Depot, we are making plans to drive 3 hours further to the Dells!

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