It's NO LUXURY A review of The Atlantic Resort & Spa

My family and I stayed at the Atlantic in Fort Lauderdale on 7/4/04 for 2 nights. This brand new property is in a middle of a run-down area in Fort Lauderdale. The picture on the advertising flyer looks much bigger than the actual hotel. The label "Luxury" is a big joke. It sits on a street corner, on the edge of the 4-lane highway A1A. CROSSING THIS BUSY 4-LANE ROAD TO REACH THE BEACH IS RISKY, ESPECIALLY FOR KIDS. The road has constant and fast traffic, cars zip by both directions at 35 miles per hour. My room (#1006) is classified as Grand Deluxe high floor but feels very close to the street noise. On the July 4 evening cars honked and blared all day and into the night. I did not have time to dine at the restaurant Trina, but the breakfast items tasted ok, boring and pricey. The advertised full kitchen is a 5 foot long counter along the hallway leading from the room door to the bed. This counter accomodates a small sink, two burners, one small wall-mounted microwave-convection oven and one minibar that stocked the hotel's snack and soft drink FOR SALE to guests. There are pots, pans, cups, plates, silverware and glasses. The same furnitures that I saw in the renovated rooms at the Sheraton Hotel in New York. The small rectangle pool is on the 5 floor aligned next to the highway A1A. The small contemporary lobby seems gloomy and unwelcoming. My experience at the Atlantic was so unpleasant and stressful that I do not want to go into details again. I encountered rude, uncaring, incompentent staff, errors in booking and billing, the enormous amount of time wasted on correcting the reservation, the room,the bed,the bill.... I regret that I had book a stay at this place. It pains me to write this negative report because my family and I have been satisfied frequent guests at Starwood hotels for many years. And it pains me even more remembering that my daughter, at bed time, sobbed, "It's all ruined".

I hope my post could be usefull to some tripadvisor's readers.

P.S. There were some bright spots at the Atlantic though. The young men at the valet and belldesk are very attentive and cheerfull. The lady hostess and waitresses at the restaurant Trina were very kind and pleasant (Thanks for the olive oil.) The marble bathroom and the room are spacious. The bed sheets were luxurious.

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