IT'S ALL TRUE... and I'm STILL going back! A review of Daniels Family Resort

All the reviews are pretty accurate (give or take a few cobwebs), but the bottom line is my family and I go back to Daniels EVERY year. That's not to mean that we don't enjoy a nice cruise or something more "comfortable." But Daniels is a fun-filled FAMILY resort. If my kids (ranging from 1 to 13) were told they could go on any other trip (and I do mean ANY other trip) if they would opt not to go to Daniels for the year...then they'd turn down the trip to anywhere and demand to go to Daniels. Now, this doesn't mean my kids are crazy ... but it does mean that Daniels is about a good time. We see the same people (guests and staff) every year and there's a lot of comfort in that despite the acccommodations being a little "uncomfortable". A good time is not limited to the recurring visitors but also the new ones as well, for the "regulars" are always looking to welcome the new visitors and the core staff are DEDICATED to making you feel at home (maybe that's why you have to bring your own towels? ha ha). The social director, Kevin, is EXCEPTIONAL and makes the time at the resort fun for the entire family. As a matter of fact if I had to forfeit Daniels for a trip anywhere...I wouldn't do it either (but don't tell my wife). Love it or hate it...Daniels will definitely make an impact on you and not just be a boring trip to a place with a nice pool. Even if the surroundings are a little run can "laugh it off" and join in the fun.

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Daniels Family Resort
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