It was a wonderful vacation in a perfect place A review of The Cove Atlantis

We enjoyed every day of this vacation.

The room was excellent -- large and bright. The view was picture perfect -- see attached photos. The food was pricey but in was good to excellent in all but one restaurants we attended.

I had few postings in the forums in many more details, but let me itemize few things here:

1. The Cove Atlantis -- magnificent, new, fresh, beautiful. It looks and feels like an elegant upscale hotel. The two-story lobby and the passageway are impressive. We did not have a hairdryer in the room - we called and it was delivered in a few minutes.

2. The service and the staff -- we never had a problem, everything was as it should be, When something did not work or was missing - they brought it up few minutes after the phone call. We arranged a babysitter for two nights -- and she was always at the door ahead of time. Everyone we met was friendly, helpful and most of the people were talkative and ready to chat.

3. The food -- The Mosaic in the Cove was a head above the older Marketplace (in the Royal towers) -- slightly pricier relative to the Marketplace but the food is excellent at the Mosaic. The Mesa Grill -- you need to love a spicy food and be ready that they are not overcooking the meats (as nobody should except for medical reasons) -- so if you like your medium rare steak hot and spicy -- this is the place for you. We also liked the opportunity to chat (even if for a few seconds) with a TV personality 'Iron Chef Bobby Flay' who is still there. Other Atlantis restaurants we visited had a lot of charm and character -- Dune is excellent for its food and the views: imagine dining at the sunset sitting under the palm trees on the ocean shore with the surf noise in the background. The Cafe Martinique -- excellent atmosphere of the 1930-s. Excellent food, desserts. One problem we had -- the Bahamian Club. The food was somewhat off (too oily, too heavy), and there is no view to talk about -- it has not a single window.

4. The pools and the ocean: as good as the pictures look. The Cove-only pools behind the Cove are not crowded, always lots of free chaises. Staff is always offering to get a chaise for you and put towels. Towels and chaises are also different for Cove guests. The pool is much warmer (which is ok sometimes, but sometimes feels like a hot tub). The poolside cafe service is very prompt -- it never took more than 5-10 minutes before the order (cocktail or hot dog, no matter) was delivered.

5. The casino: the poolside casino did not work when we were there -- but the Atlantis casino is good. There are only two porblems -- they do not have Texas Hold'em and their comp program is not too generous -- I was playing craps for about 4 hours total (At the bet sizes $10-15) and it did not get me any comps.

6. Who should stay there: I believe the Cove is the most fitting for families with 14-18 y.o. children. Smaller childer will have a lot of fun, but they will be equally happy in the cheaper towers of Atlantis. The couples without children might find Atlantis too kids-friendly, even in this adults-preferred section.

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