It may be nice some day A review of Island Club Resort and Spa

Stayed for a week, 1/12/03-1/19/03. At first glance the property was very nice. The security/staff was very friendly and accommodating. Check in was a breeze at the security office. After some idle chit chat I asked the security guard about the pool and hot tub. He informed us that the hot tub is not too hot due to the lack of use. It only heats the water when its turned on.

We walked into the unit, a 2 br condo, to find a large TV room with catherdral celing, a kitchen and dining area. The kitchen was adequate. It was a little dirty. The stove had a layer of greese on it, the counters gritty, the plates and bowls had standing water in them, a breeding ground for bacteria. The carpets had what appeared to be the wall paint dryed into it. A pull out sofa bed was in the living room.

Going up the stairs we found 2 bed rooms. The master bedroom had an attached bathroom with a spa type bathtub and stand up shower. The shower had a clump of dark hair in the drain area. A few more long dark hairs were found on the white floor. A sure sign that the bathroom had not been properly cleaned. We checked in late and was tired. I did not want to deal with complaining at the time. The next morning, after cleaning the shower, we found that there was only enough hot water for about a 3-5 min shower. I started to get a little angry. After all this is a new facility and should be tip-top. After rinsing off with cold water I got dressed and went down stairs for breakfast.

I turned on the TV to find out the weather for the day and found there to only be about 15-20 channels of which only about 10 came in good enough to make out and the 10 or so channels that did come in went out quite frequently.

We had been on vacation for about 5 days prior to checking in at Island Club West. I had a load of laundy to do. I started the washing machine and loaded it up with detergent an my dirty clothes. After a day at Universal Studios I returned to find my clothes soaked and covered in detergent. After futher inspection it was noted that the machine did not agitate or spin the clothes.

Well at this point I started to get angry. Now I have soaked clothes with soap all over them, very little hot water, a dirty bathroom and kitchen. I wanted/needed a hot tub. I walked to the hot tub and turned on the timer. The tub started to bubble with the soothing jets of water. I put my foot in the water to find that the water was as cold as my shower in the morning. I scraped the hot tub idea for a few cold beers.

On the way back to the room I found a staff member and reported the problems we have been having. He apologised and assured me that he would have the water heater and washing machine looked at.

After about 3 days the showers were still about 5 min and the washer was still broken. I went for a walk to request that somthing be done. About an hour later a maintence person came to the room and advised that they were aware of the problem with the broken washer and that is was suposed to be fixed but the repair man did not show up. He did not offer an answer to the hot water heater.

Two days into my stay, at 4am I was woken up by the alarm clock in the unit next to mine. It was still going off at 7am when we left to goto a park. We informed the security guard at the gate of the situation and he said he would lookinto it. The next 3 days I was woken up at 4am by the alarm. The last time at 4am I went to the security guard, the same one that I had told provously was working. He came with me to invistigate. He found an alarm clock in an unoccupied unit going off. I reminded him that I told him about it 3 days ago.

At this point I am thinking that I have had better stays at Motel 6. The week is almost over, besides what else could go wrong. Well after a day at another park we returned to the condo. I took the credit card type key from my wallet and inserted it into the reader. The little green light did not light. I tryed again. Still nothing. My friend tried his key. No light. Go figure, somthing didnt work....

Another walk to the security office. He apologised and let us into our room. He took our keys and dropped off a new set. The next morning we tested the keys and the new ones did not work. Back to the security office. He issued another set of keys. These did work.

We checked out on the 19th and were happy to do so. We couldnt wait to get out of this place and into the next condo.

Some other little things were nowhere in the condo was there any linnens for the pull out bed. Most of the bi-fold closet doors were installed incorrectly and did not close properly. There was only 2 rolls of toilet paper in the unit and no paper towels. No dish washer detergent. These are some of the little things that make a big diffrence.

Island Club West could and very well maybe a nice resort some day. However you wont find me going there again. Nor will I recomend it to others.

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