It isn't the Ritz A review of InterContinental Kansas City at the Plaza

For the money, I would stay elsewhere. We travel extensively and typically stay at five star hotels (Ritz, Fairmont, Four Seasons, St. Regis etc.) This hotel needs a lot of work. The rooms and hotel are tired. A bottle of Olde English furniture polish would go a long way in this hotel. So too would a simple cleaning of spectacular chandeliers hanging in the hotel.

Five years ago, the concierge level was very nice. It isn't anymore. The male concierge was boorish and didn't seem to appreciate the need for friendliness but cool detachment. I cringed when I heard him talking with friends on the telephone, barking at the kitchen to "bring up more hot dishes!" and then telling someone he couldn't take housekeeping calls. But his complaint was well deserved. Why should the concierge be dealing with housekeeping issues? Later, I heard a number of guests complaining about how the designated concierge food hours had been cut short by two hours.

All in all, the hotel has a great skeleton and the best location in Kansas City. With a small investment, the hotel could be brought back to greatness. But until the manager is removed and the staff and facilities are brought up to grade, I'll stay at the Raphael or any of the newer hotels located nearby.

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