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We stayed at the sheraton grand feb12 - 16 2003. It was fine. The rooms are clean and we did not experience any unsanitary conditions inside the hotel. But I would not call this a four star hotel, more like three stars.Overall I would say I had a fine experience, I was not expecting to be in the lap of luxury or in a roach motel and that is what I got. We went to Atlantis - next door - and its nice but not worth extra money to stay there, its like a big huge mall and there are tons of people there. The sheraton grand is nice and quiet.The rooms are somewhat small but not tiny.The staff was friendly but not overly so. Believe what people say though, service here (and everywhere we went in the Bahamas) is slow.The food in the restaurants was a lot better than I expected, I especially enjoyed the veal at julia's italian restaurant.All of the food in the bahamas is expensive so be ready to pay.Our room was on the second floor over the pool and we did not experience any of the loud noise that I read about in other reviews. The water pressure was good but beware I heard people from the 14th floor complaining that their water pressure was non-existent.The pool is uninviting. There are pigeons and sea gulls hanging out near (and sometimes in) it. I never went in it and didnt see anyone else in it except people taking diving lessons. It does not appear dirty though. The beach is "fine" however, it does not compare to beaches I have been to in cancun. The water was almost cold and it is relatively deep - there is little wading space.The thing that turned me off the most was the number of people in the small space where they allow you to have your chair. Many people from cruises come and sit (especially on the weekend) in the chairs and so it gets crowded - it felt congested.If you want to take a towel and lay on that somewhere else I am sure you could get more privacy.

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