Isle rooms are awesome; casino a bit lacking A review of DiamondJacks Casino and Resort

The rooms at the Isle are wonderful and spacious with blue-green tropical decor. The one I stayed in was clean and had a nice upper-floor view to the south. Bed was confortable and linens were clean and good. I thought that, as far as being a hotel room was concerned, the Isle was on a par, or better than a SUITE at the Magic (now Boomtown) or a room at the Horseshoe. I think the overall square footage is a little larger. I would particularly recommend the Isle's rooms for non-comped guests who want a nice, good-quality hotel room.The fish in the lobby are really cute! I know this is a take on the massive fish tank at the Mirage in LV, but the Isle's tropical fish tank has always been well-maintained and attractive every time I was there.Lobby areas are clean, well-maintained and quiet.The casino at the Isle is lacking in numbers of tables and tolerance for 'exciting' play at blackjack and craps. I really don't know about the slots. In summary - the rooms are suite-size and are a grade ABOVE Holly_Jolly-Inn standards, but the casino could use some improvement.

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