Intruded While Sleeping & Invaded Privacy A review of Westgate Smoky Mountain Resort

Can you believe it???I was sleeping, my barely 17 year old daughter was asleep on the couch in our 'jammas' ... and a member of the maintenance crew walked in our unit unannounced by using his pass-key. 'He needed to flush our toilet.' There were no problems with it. There had not been problems with it. Yes, my 17 year-old daughter woke me-up, shocked!I shared the information with the sales rep, Richard; responsible for the building we were in--I discussed the SEVERE security issue. I declined filing a formal complaint; UNTIL...2 days later...WE left the unit at 1 PM on Saturday and returned before 6 pm...there had been another person who had entered our room. He had left a note stating he had changed the air conditioner filter. IF he had checked with the guest relations...we were checking out at 7 AM Sunday. They were going to have to maintain the room anyway.I take serious issues with any resort which permits routine maintainance when a unit is occupied! MOST especially when they walk in unannounced while people are sleeping! Intruded & Invaded

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