Incredibly friendly, warm, and courteous A review of Hotel Zico

I arrived in mountain view with my dad to help move in for a job in the area, and picked the Best Value Inn via a listing board service. The deal was very good, 280 for a week and breakfast included.

A week later having moved into my new apartment, all I can say is I am thankful I stayed where I did! These guys were incredibly friendly for out of staters, and by that I mean willing to tell you the darn truth about the valley area, its businesses, and hotspots. We had problem at the initial room with keys and wireless internet, and they moved us into a new room right away, no questions asked. One of the managers even provided his own wireless internet modem upon observation that my connection was having problems connecting to his setup.

The hosting was great, the cleaning people did a fabulous job of keeping the place tidy, and one of the best perks was FREE BREAKFAST. Yup, up to 9 am you could go and grab a bite to eat, and they would cook you anything from omletes and hashbrowns to pancakes.

While moving into my new permanent place of residence the manager offered to give me some of his old furniture too from a different hotel, to make the transition to this house smoother!

And after the move was made, my dad left back for the east coast, and I realized that I had left some important items at the hotel, after a simple call I was able to find that my items had been found and kept safely for pickup by a front desk attendent!

Overall they made the experience of transitioning incredibly comfortable; I would highly recommend this hotel for anyone who is looking for quality service, friendly people, and some good free breakfast while you are at it!

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