Incredible Vacation A review of Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas

Ever watch "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" when they show some of those exclusive island resorts where you can really get away from it all with no other people around on your own private beach for only $50,000 per night?

Well, this resort gives the same experience for less than $300- per night (at the 7-day price) including all meals and fishing excursions! Private white sand beaches, crystal clear blue water, incredible sunsets, exotic meals (think lobster, crab), very friendly staff, own bungalo abt 25 feet from the beach, and an island replete with the history of being one of the first places that Columbus stopped on his way to America.

If you're looking for a crowded, raucus, touristy vacation spot, then skip this place. If you're looking for a place to really "get away from it all" and be treated like royalty, then this is the place for you. Also, if there are water-sport or fishing enthusiasts in your group, they are VERY well equipped to provide any level of such adventures that you would want.

And if you ever get tired of the peaceful serene environment, you can always hop over to "Stella Maris," the only other resort on the island, which is much larger and has all manner of other adventures. Of course it is on the "Windy" side of the island with cliffs instead of beaches, so I really don't know why it is so popular in comparison. One point to note concerning this - Cape Santa Maria lets Stella Maris guests use their beach, so if you don't go in the off-season as we did the beach area may be more crowded. We had an average of 3-4 people on the 4-mile beach when we were there by comparison.

We went in the "hurricane season." There were no hurricanes - weather was exceptional - and we were the only people there for two days.

Last note - We didn't see any but another post we read before we went indicated that at certain specific times of year for maybe a month there are timy jellyfish that breed and can be a painful problem if you are out in the water and don't know about them. As long as you don't go that one time of year or go wading out into a swarm it should be fine.

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Cape Santa Maria Beach Resort & Villas
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