Inconsiderate A review of Bluebeard's Castle Resort

The hotel is being renovated and is no pool on location. The shuttle will only take you to 1 of their other 2 locations and they don't run all day. My first full day there I took the shuttle to the Beach Club, to my suprise there were no restaurants open and no place near by to get something to eat, both bars were closed, and it to was under construction. They didn't tell me this BEFORE I left the Castle to go there, so needless to say I was stuck there for hours with no place to eat of drink and waiting for a shuttle that doesn't come back till late afternoon. I was also approached my a man at the pool trying to sell me Cocain and Marijuana. He was not a patron of the resort, but a man who sold nice carvings from cocconuts and then tried to pimp some drugs off on me. NO Thanks Stay away from this place!

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