Immaculately Clean, Spacious Cabins A review of Zion Mountain Resort

Just returned from a Western roadtrip which included Zion National Park. Loved staying on the east side of the park, away from the Springdale insanity...

The Zion Mountain Resort was an excellent one-night stay. Our cabin was huge, immaculately clean, two years new. It was quiet because the cabins are away from the road and are stand-alone, you don't share a wall with someone else. The porch swing is a nice touch and there's even a mown lawn out front each cabin for cartwheels and other kid activities.

As we went for breakfast, there was a 3-hour old foal with her mother! Quite moving and a real highlight for our two daughters.

The only negative was the poor service at the restaurant. The wait staff was nice enough but made several mistakes for what should've been a quick breakfast.

We highly recommend the east side of the park and the Zion Mountain Resort!

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