Ignore This and Other Negative Reviews at Your Own Peril A review of Indian Wells Resort Hotel

If you care enough about where you stay to be reading this, STOP, and

if you have already made a reservation for this dump, cancel it. If you

made your reservation through Priceline, like me, seriously consider

taking the loss and booking somewhere else. If you decide to ignore me

(like I did with the other reviews below) then at least take my advice

and bring your own food, your own earplugs, and a can of Lysol.

First, whoever wrote the positive review is either highly delusional, a

manager or owner of the hotel, or both.

As a business owner myself (not in the hotel industry), I'm sorry to

slam another business, but this place is flat out awful for a hotel in

this class.

The staff were very friendly and accomodating, but the facilities leave a lot to be desired for a hotel that calls itself a resort.

The lobby must have been nice originally but is not only dated, but

dirty. Glass wall were spotted and grimy, and the brass looked like it

hadn't been polished in years. We got off the elevator and a corner of

one wall in the hall looked like it had been bashed in with a cart. I

understand if you can't get it fixed that day, but the broken plaster

was still on the ground the next morning when we checked out early.

The room was very dated. A tiny TV with a small selection of movies,

1980's furniture, a crack running the entire length of the ceiling, and

road noise that sounded like Hwy 111 was running right outside our

window- though we were not on the side facing the road directly.

The room smelled, the sheets smelled, and two of the three food items

in the minibar (how can you have a minibar with only three things in

it???) were past their expiration date!

The bathroom was relatively clean, though the wallpaper was peeling,

one of the faucet handles was broken (it would sping when you turned

it) and the drain was corroded.

The workout room was a joke- another throwback to the 80's- tiny, with

three old pieces of equipment in a cramped space that looked like a

converted hotel room.

We checked out after one night and stopped in the continental breakfast

on the way out. It was about what you would expect at a Howard

Johnsons. Edible, but pretty bare bones. At least the food hadn't

expired (we hoped).

PLEASE...don't do what I did and ignore this or hope the positive

review is true...it's not...Save yourself and your vacation before it

is too late :-)

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