If your not a star stay behind the velvet rope-the money wasnt worth it. A review of The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland

The first time I stayed there I felt like I had died and gone to heaven. Everything was so nice.

The second time was a nightmare. First of all they didn't have the names right in the reservation. We spent over 100.00 for dinner it was good but 100?? The concierges began arguing with each other over our little dog. We could hear everything they said. The beds were just average for being on the concierge level. Then they lost are reservation for the second night and couldn't get us in. Then while we were standing outside--after we paid the $500.00 bill they made us stand behind the autograph hounds--they treated as so rudely--then when they brought a celebrity out the told us to get out of the way--because we werent guests!! As soon as you sign the reciept they treat you like dirt. Plus there so called security guards are nothing but a bunch of thugs---They tried to push us. I guess when you spend $500 for a one night stay thats the kind of service you get. Save the money and stay some where where they really value there customers.

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The Ritz-Carlton Cleveland
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