If I had a couple million to spend A review of Kaibab Lodge

If I had a couple million dollars laying around, I might consider buying the Kaibab Lodge. Then I would burn all the cabins to the ground and start all over again. Honestly, I think it would be cheaper than fixing them from where they are now. We stayed at the Lodge 1 night in late August of 2003. The two room unit we had was in pretty tough shape. Uneven floors, mildewy smells, and marginal bedding were some of the best features we noticed. Not unclean necesarily, but really pretty marginal. If the pouring rain and thunders storms streaming across the north rim that night hadn't changed our plans, we definitely would have been better off sleeping in the tent.

The staff at the lodge were all very nice, but the dining service was pretty spotty. The food was also pretty spotty, and I'm still trying to figure out what the slimy stuff on my turkey was. And why they threw out the stuffing and cooked and served the box instead. Still, my wife insisted that the turkey dinner beat her burger hands down. My 17 year old daughter who will eat ANYTHING was equally unimpressed. All in all no bargain for About $35.00

All in all, any port will do in a storm, but next time I'll check the weather forecast.

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