Ibis Old Town was a good choice A review of Ibis Praha Old Town

We had a travel agent assist with hotel bookings on a Central European trip. The Ibis Old Town turned out to be a good middle-of-the-road choice balancing budget with comfort. We stayed for four nights. There is a massive metro construction project going on next door which required a short trek across temporary sidewalks that were a bit muddy, but we were happy with the proximity to all of the Old Town and New Town areas. The metro station is almost adjacent to the hotel. The 24/7 construction was not noticeable once inside the hotel property. However, after a particularly late night, we were awakened by hammering and drilling in a room directly above us. It sounded as if workmen were in our own room! A call to the desk was met by the response, "I'm sorry, but they are allowed to start work after 9:00 AM". I responded that regardless of the time, I was attempting to sleep. The receptionist indicated she would call and ask them to stop. The noise stopped for about 20 minutes until we fell back asleep, at which point it started in earnest again. Other than this issue, the staff was polite and helpful. The breakfast and bar area were clean and well attended. The property is obviously brand new. Room was tiny, as is the European way, and luggage takes up all existing floor space. We were however very happy to have air conditioning!

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