I wouldn't recommend this hotel! A review of Billings Hotel & Convention Center

We were very disappointed when we arrived at our room at the hotel. The room was very dirty from the floors to the ceiling, and the lights were flickering upon entering. The room obviously had not been vacuumed very well because there were candy wrappers on the floor and "stuff" (I wuold hate to guess what) in the corner and along the wall edges. The bathroom had stains in the toilet and the bath and shower. We were tired and didn't feel like dealing with getting another room, so we just accepted our fate. The kids enjoyed the pool and the slide, but from a parents viewpoint... it was not fun. Several kids were unattended and picking on the other children... and not giving enough time for kids to get out of the way at the bottom so they were literally ramming into the other children. The pool room smelled awful and I would not even put my foot in the water. Even better, that night when we got into bed we found they had not used fitted sheets (hopefully they were somewhat clean anyway) and the sheets came off the bed. So a month later I get the bill for my credit card charges, and they overbilled me for an extra night's stay. So far, I have made 5 phone calls... getting voice mail and transferred from person to person and I still haven't spoken to someone who can take care of the duplicate charge. I would rather sleep in a tent than stay at the Billings Hotel and Convention Center again!!!

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