I would probably find another property A review of Hilton Meadowlands

As a Starwood member, I usually go out of the way to find a property and this was no exception. The hotel is in a pretty crappy part of town and the directions are tough. I needed to depend on a GPS system more than I would typically need to. The main issues that I had during my stay were not the bed (great Sheraton Sleeper) or the view but service. On the first night that I stayed around midnight a fire alarm went off. I quickly gathered my things and went downstairs only to find that the area right outside the stair well was dark and hidden by foliage. There was no direction by the hotel staff on where to go or what to do. The guest sort of huddled around the front entrance (it was a very cool night). I went inside to find the hotel staff to include the management huddled around the front desk. I inquired why they were not taking care of the situation and looking out for the desks and their response was that once an alarm was activated we have no responsibility, the fire chief does. Forty five minutes later I was back in bed only to wake up later with no hot water. Calling down to the service desk their only response was that they can send someone up in 30 minutes, not very convenient seeing I needed to go to a meeting. I asked them to come up later and fix the issue. The next morning I woke up again early to catch a plane and again no hot water. I have no idea if it was the fact that I was on the third floor but I like warm showers in the morning.

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