I Won't Be Back! A review of Renaissance Savery Hotel

This Savery Renaissance Hotel is a walking block away from the Civic Center and is owned by Marriott. We booked a Saturday night via the Marriott website. First, I must accentuate the positives. The Staff was professionally the best, genuinely kind and cheerful. The lounge was absolutely beautiful. The Fitness area in the Lower Level is quite large and has everything you could ask for including a beauty salon! This Hotel is very clean with plenty of mirrors. Now the downside. I dont know why, with all the $89.00 Leisure rooms available and hardly any occupants that we were assigned to this room. While the beds and furniture were like new, clean, and very nice, the carpet had soiled areas. The bathroom was really what one would call a half bath. It had a toilet, a small sink and a tiny shower stall. On the shower floor, a workman obviously did a shoddy work of cutting the tile around the drain. A sharp piece of tile juts up and is a safety hazard. On the other hand it was nice to have a microwave, mini fridge and sink on the other side of the room. Before making reservations, I read the first two travel advisory reviews. The negative review was written before the renovation and the positive one after the work was done. You might consider this review neutral. ADVICE: If you like the feel of Famous old Classic Hotels, this one has all the awe. However, specify a room with a city view or you will get a dark one facing an old brick building. If you prefer a bathroom with a tub, you best say so, or should one have to?

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