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I just returned from a 4 night stay at the Royal Towers at the Atlantis Resort. Having read some negative reports, I was a little apprehensive. But I have to say, my experience was completely positive. I had a wonderful time. My room was very nice, with a beautiful view, and was sparkling clean. The grounds and pool area were incredible, and very well kept. There were plenty of empty lounge chairs around the pools.

One thing that really impressed me was the kindness and professionalism of the staff. I would expect that in a hotel of this price range, but I think friendliness must be a Bahamian trait, because I met with friendly people everywhere I went, even in downtown Nassau where the crush of tourists might be expected to make the locals a bit jaded. The whole time I was in the Bahamas, I only met one grouchy person (and one more who might be said to suffer from a certain lack of enthusiasm, ha ha), but everyone else was charming.

Perhaps I just chose a good time to go, away from the crowding of the holiday weeks. I don't know. But my stay was entirely pleasant.

I did go to the spa. One day I had a massage, and another day I had a facial. I enjoyed both. The spa facilities are very nicely done. I especially enjoyed the open air salt water soaking tub.

Some of the negative reviews I've read seemed to focus on the cost. One thing I will say is that the Atlantis is certainly very expensive! I was there for a combination business meeting/sales reward trip, so I wasn't paying for it myself. If I had been, the high prices might have been a little scary. The restaurants are very costly, and of course the room prices for the Royal Towers are also very high. If I ever go back, and I hope to, I will probably stay in the mid-priced rooms (Coral Towers).

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