I need a vacation from my vacation! A review of Minerals Resort & Spa

I will break my review down into four categories:

1. Spa

2. Hotel / Room info

3. Food

4. Activities


I stayed at the "resort" over the New Year's weekend. They advertised a package that included accomodations, a New Year's five course dinner, and a Sunday brunch. I was told for two nights the price would be a grand total of $577 - tax included.

I walked into the resort on Friday, December 31. The entire hotel was PACKED with kids screaming and running rampant then proceeded to look for the spa- friends had given me a message and mani/pedi package for my birthday. Prior to arriving, I confirmed my appointment twice because both girls did not seem confident with the times. When I arrived, they were still confused and called me Jill (not my name) three times and had no idea where to place me.


I give it a 6 on a scale of 1-10 on decor. The staff had absolutely no idea what was going on. Everyone in the sitting room was complaining about something.

The message:

The spa is directly underneath the basketball court upstairs and next to the gym downstairs. Throughout my entire message,I heard basketballs bouncing and sneakers screeching - no relaxation there.

The mani/pedi:

The woman was WONDERFUL to talk to: The finished result: HORRIBLE

I actually got my money back discretely.


Problems with the staff. My friend also booked the same package as mine, she arrived and they had told her that she had missed her 3pm appt, she was told it was at 4pm. They told her they couldn't do her message that day (New Years Eve) and asked to come back the next morning at 9AM!! Hence, she slept through her appointment and they charged her anyway, even though they messed up the times. I got her money back.

The Hotel:

I waited 30 minutes on line to check in - they had two people working and 100 employees just walking by, not helping. The place was a mad house and reservations were missing and wrong with nearly everyone. The decor is not what I expected for a "resort and spa" and I didn't expect it to be all families. Not a good idea if you are looking for a romantic getaway as I and my party of 8 (we had 4 rooms).

There is a flaw with the design of the hotel:

1. It seems to be made out of steel - it has absolutely no insulation and everything echoes and thumps, ESPECIALLY the corridors. The room walls are so thin you can literally hear your neighbor's conversations without trying. It was actually impossible to sleep because you hear every single person walk by your door - it sounds like a mack truck. To add insult to injury - my TV volume was stuck on 14 - I couldn't hear a thing. I called the front desk, they said someone would be there in 20 minutes. An hour later (2:30am) someone knocked on the door and by the time I answered - he had already left.

Suggestion: Ask for a room that isn't in the main corridor - (402,403,404,405 etc.) There is a very loud ice machine, soda machine, and a very busy elevator just outside the doors there and not one of my group (we had 4 rooms) slept a wink because of the noise. Not to mention the fact that every guest has to walk by that corridor to get to their rooms. It's terribly designed.

Kites-The restaurant:

The food is maybe a 4 out of 10 - and that's being generous. I suggest the Homestead down the road on 94S or the Lobster Place,also on 94. Go down the street to the Mixing Bowl for breakfast, don't do the brunch at Kites - they are understaffed, and the food is not replenished frequently - sometimes not at all.


The pool - is very nice and big but closes at 11. I didn't go in because there literally had to be 100 kids jumping in and out. This place is great if you have kids that aren't too quiet and you want them to roam free.

Racketball, basketball, Kites entertainment, Clay court tennis, and skiing, sledding, wine tasting at Brotherhood(Washingtonville) and Warwick.


On the whole, I would not go back- OR I would stay in the townhouses- they may be better than the hotel. The location is great, right down the road to Mountain Creek. Last year,we stayed at the Black Creek Sanctuary at Mountain Creek. I HIGHLY recommend the townhouses, they are immaculate, quaint, and reasonably priced.

Lastly, upon check-out, we were charged nearly $60-70 more than originally quoted. When I mentioned the price I was quoted and showed the girl my original information written down with the confirmation number, she rudely asked, "Well who did you talk to?"

I just paid and left....I had truly had enough.


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