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As I sit here and read some of these reviews I became kind of discusted with some of the things that I have read.Let me start by saying it is January 3rd, 2004 and I have just come home from my stay at Blue Beard's castle.I am a 7 year Time Share Owner there, and I will comment on everything that was said in the above statements starting with the Swimming pool. Blue Beard's Castle has just dumped over 1.5 million dollars into renovating there hotel. Yes it was a construction site, but now is more beautiful than ever. The pool was drained and painted, the ground was ripped up and tiled, and the hot tub is now tiled as well with a handicap accessible railing. The Lower bar now has a tile top instead of wood, and they have changed all cooking grills as well. As far as Piretes Pub (the bar up top) It now has Video poker machines and an ATM (which apperantly isn't owned by the castle) So to the guy who lost money on a bad transaction, it's not the castles fault.The construction site in the front of the hotle was due to the renovation of the Resteraunt called ROOM WITH A VIEW. They cemented the old windows and doors, and now have moved a little lower behind Pirates Pub with a View much better than the old one, now over looking Main Street and the Cruise Ships at Charlotte Amalie. BEAUTIFULThe rooms in the west wing are indeed studio rooms, Mind you that Bluebeard's castle has been around for awhile so somethings may seem kind of old and need to be replaced. In that case, just call the front desk and ask for Maintanance to fix something while you are out. THAT'S THE WEST WING. On the other side, (Which is where I stay) I stay in room 420...haha yes I said room 420. The building that I stay in is indeed a little newer. A Condo type place with A/C (that works) 2 beds, a full kitchen 2 tv's a washer and dryer and obviously a full bathroom, and no bugs. Not to mention double doors and sliding door that opens up to a porch with a table on the porch and a view that over looks charlotte amailie, and the Cruise ships that come in EVERY MORNING, and LEAVE EVERY NIGHT. You see the ships all day long. (you can see my room in a 1/4 scale model at the front desk where you get your activity sheet)Shall I continue.......On top of renovating, The castle has moved there Gymnasium up top by the Banana Tree Grill another great resteraunt located at the resort, and they have also addad a lounge, with a TV and a computer so you can check your email, or just surf the web as you please, but with a 56k modem, It works well, but it's 56k on an island, so you must take the connection for what it is.Someone mentioned something about the castle having to walk up stairs or something, as I write this review I'm forgetting somethings, but I'll comment on the walk around the castle. YES it is up on a hill. However The WHOLE Island of St. Thomas is a Hill every house, every Hotel, every resteraunt is built on a hill. Because you build on Hill's you must add MANY MANY Stairs, There stairs Truly are a pain in the Butt, however it's not the castles fault you have to walk stairs, it;s the Islands Fault. So next time you are at the Castle and upset about the stairs, Get mad at the Island and not the people who have built such a beautiful Resort.P.S. Management is not rude, they are Islanders and they Mumble alot and may come off rude, but it is not in the Island Spirit for any Islander to be rude, it's just how it is down there. They are there to help you with whatever. Go ahead and call the front desk and ask directions somewhere, they'll help very much. I say ask for directions because it is WISE of you to rent a car, and not travel by Taxi. Taxi rides do get expensive, and the Island Is only 13 miles by 5 miles (I know my way around due to renting cars) and it's not hard to find the main spots because it's usually one long road to get to where you are going.ENJOY YOUR STAY AT THE NOW RENOVATED BLUEBEARD'S CASTLE, and don't hesitate to email me at the email above for any other questions you may have for the Castle or The WHOLE ISLAND at that matter.Mike

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