I expected too much A review of Andaz West Hollywood

I have always known of the standards behind the name Hyatt. It was unfortunate this property did no keep up to its reputation.

The lobby and the hotel entrance were kept clean and very nice. The staff was stuffy.

We were looking forward to taking a quick nap before meeting friend for dinner.

The bellhop forgot to take our luggage to our room. We had to bring the cart full of luggage up ourselves.

When we got our room, the beds were undone. I was shocked and called the front desk immediately. They were more concerned about what the system is telling her and insisted that the room is clean and made. She was wasting our naptime!

Finally, she was willing to give us another room and told me to go back to the front desk and get the key for the new room. NOT! She then told me she was going to meet me outside the new room so she could give us the key. 20 minutes later, we decided to go get the room key ourselves.

Although the room was clean, the standards were not that of a Hyatt.

Never got to take a nap!

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Andaz West Hollywood
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