I expected a lot better A review of Hilton New York JFK

January 2004: As my flight was arriving late I decided to stay in the Holiday Inn at the JFK airport.

I requested a small room and was given one that was huge and told I would have to pay 30 dollars more for it. It hadn't been cleaned and there were hairs all over the bath.

Then I complained and I was given another room at the top of the hotel which was freezing cold and couldn't be heated no matter how long I had the heater on for.

Only cold water came out of the tap and I had to wait almost 30 minutes before someone came to fix it. Also my phone didn't work initially and 2 of the lamps in the room were broken.

Although I rang down or walked down to reception to complain about this the junior staff kept conversing in spanish with one another and laughing as soon as my back was turned! One short tubby orange haired girl was particularly obnoxious!!

However when I complained to a manager they were always polite and even refunded me the extra 30 dollars.

I would think twice about staying here. The management are professional and polite but the junior staff (orange-hair strikes again) made a mistake with a group's booking and they had to go elsewhere at 11:00 at night.

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