I cannot recommend this ranch A review of Rancho de la Osa Guest Ranch

This was a strange place. My wife and I were greeted by the owner / husband. He proceeded to give us a tour and tell us how he wished he were somewhere else because this was his wife's dream, not his. This was not a warm welcome. The management team did not rise above this level for the duration of our stay.

The surrounding area was beautiful. We spent a lot of time in the rented car driving around and looking at the scenery. One reason for this was the lack of things to do at the ranch. If you truly want to be removed from all sensory input, this may be the place to go. Personally, I can stand that for about two hours and then I want to do something else.

The horses did not meet our expectations. If you want a true riding vacation, this place might not be for you. We did not lope. Nor did we get to ride as often as was promised. If you are a beginner and just want long slow trail rides, this place may work for you. I didn't work for me and I won't be back.

There seemed to be real friction between the owners and their staff. Many of the staff had been on the job for less than two weeks. The staff were all helpful and very nice. However, it was disconcerting to hear them respond to questions / requests by saying "Yeah, I tell the owners to take care of that but they just won't do anything about it." The issue would go unresolved.

The capper was at check out. When I checked out, I asked the owner / wife if I could make a few comments. I was told no. I was told that I was nothing but a complainer who would never be happy about anything and that she was happy she was not married to me. I was also told that I did nothing but argue with the wranglers and that I was willing to put the horses' health at risk just so I could ride. She seemed out of sorts. Assuming what she had to say is true (which it isn't, my wife thinks I'm okay to hang around with. I never argued with the wranglers. None of the wranglers told me I was harming any horse.) I do not think it is acceptable to say that to a guest. Certainly not to a guest you hope would return or write a positive review of your property.

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Rancho de la Osa Guest Ranch
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