Hurry before the prices go up! A review of Falcon Ridge Hotel

I found a good deal on Yahoo for $33 a night. With taxes and fees it ended up $37.

It is a brand new hotel, it used to be a Ramada. It is located on the west side of I-15, on the south Mesquite exit (there are only 2). Most of the other hotels are on the east side. They were painting the lobby water feature when I arrived, but it looked pretty nice.

This hotel is a GREAT deal for the price. It doesn't have a Casino or lounge attached to it, which is fine for me. It will be perfect for families once the pool and hottub is finished (it isn't done yet as of 6/23/05). The holes are dug for them, but not rebar or concrete in it yet. It also had a game room and exercise room. It had free high speed internet, although you have to have your own cat 5 cable. They will give you one at the front desk for free, though they said they will charge you $20 if you forget to bring it back. The rooms are pretty nice, standard size but nicer bathrooms (solid surface/granite/tile). The one I had also had a microwave and small fridge in it.

For the price, I wasn't expecting a continental breakfast, but it had one. It was actually pretty nice, French toast, bacon, sausage, hashbrowns, and your typical items such as cereal, toast/rolls/danishes. I thought it would be better with scrambled eggs, but it was still more than I expected.

The beds were fine, and the rooms were quiet. I'm not sure if if was because this hotel is brand new and didn't have many guests in it, or if it was just quiet (although, this was in Nevada and the wall/window air conditioner was going most of the time). You could hear people in the halls, and noticed a gap under the door, it could've used a threshold.

I was there on business. I would compare this to a Wingate Inn or an Amerisuites (without the suite part). I would definately stay in it again for what I paid for it, although the price will probably go up once the pool is finished and after all of the good reviews.

It is located next to a lot of golf courses. I played 18 holes at the Oasis golf course from 4pm to 7:30. It was HOT, drink a lot of water. I got on with some deals for $25 with a cart.

That is all...

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