How disappointing! A review of Hotel Casa Marcello

I booked this hotel for 4 night in June for my elderly parents after much searching & after reading the reports on this website. I wanted a reasonably central hotel as my parents are in their late 70's & my mother is not as fit as she once was.From the reviews I had read the staff also seemed caring & helpful which I thought was reassuring bearing in mind my parents age & the fact that they are not "seasoned travellers".

I booked a transfer back & forth to the airport so they had no problems in locating the Hotel. They were more than pleased with the location of the Hotel & their room. On arrival they enjoyed a a good walk & returned to have an evening meal in the restaurant. Although the restaurant was quiet they had a lovely meal & described the waiter as helpful & chatty.

Next day my mother became unwell with sickness & an upset stomach so they returned to the hotel by lunchtime. She went to bed & for the next 3 days was unable to eat or drink anything & spent the majority of her time asleep. Needless to day my father was very worried & at a loss as to what to do to help. One of the male members of staff offered to get some pills & other male members of staff assisted in carrying drinks up to the room (there were no tea & coffee facilities in the room). However my father described the female members of staff as uninterested & not particularly helpful. Finally on the day of departure my mother was able to leave her room much to my fathers relief as he was concerned she was not going to be fit to travel. No one enquired how she was but I think that would have been passed over, however an awkward receptionist became argumentative over the payment of the bill. I had previously rang the hotel & given my credit card details & asked staff to make sure the bill was put on my account (my father is of an age where he does not have a credit card & it was a lot of cash for him to carry around). The receptionist argued with my father that the bill had not been paid & that she had only been given permission to use my credit card.This was clearly a case of splitting hairs & was resolved however was compleletly unnecessary & unhelpful.

The final straw came while my parents were waiting for their transfer taxi (which I had prebooked) to arrive. The taxi was a little late so my mother popped into reception to ask the staff if they could make a phonecall on her behalf. The receptionist dialled the number & handed my mother the phone & turned to assist another guest. My mother walked a little way away from the reception whilst listening for the phone to be answered but the receptionist followed her & demanded payment for the phonecall.She said "you pay now because you are leaving". My mother was totally fazed & handed over approx 70crowns then the phone cut out so she had paid for nothing..

I have stayed in lots of hotels from 2 star to 5 star & if I have ever asked reception staff to chase up or organise a taxi I have never been given the phone to do it myself & I have certainly never been charged.

I am so disappointed that some members of staff could not have been more caring & courteous to my elderly parents especially as my mother spent 90% of her stay in Prague ill in bed.

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