Hotel lied, and scammed us on 41st wedding anniversary A review of Microtel Pigeon Forge Emert St

I think it is very IMPORTANT to let everyone know to not trust the Americas Best Value Inn in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee.

We called them directly, to make reservations for the weekend of 4th of July, 2006, and

spoke directly to the hotel, vs a website. The following is what we want to SHARE

with you:

1) Their pool is only a kiddie pool, don't pay attention to any pictures they may have.

2) The rooms were dirty, urine stains on the sheets, and a mildew smell in the rooms.

3) We were quoted $190 for 2 rooms for 2 days. After showing up, (which was too

late to cancel, and they hold the rooms w/ credit card number), the hotel charged

DOUBLE THE PRICE ($400), and still had the reservation. They would not honor the

price we had reserved it WITH THEM FOR. We were scammed.

4) We had two rooms, and gave enough advance notice with reservation, yet our

rooms were not together, and about 10 rooms apart.

5) The front desk clerks were very rude, and had no understanding of customer

service. I was about to cry due to their mistake, and they had a "I could care less"

attitude. In addition, would never give a first name. (Funny, they know me, and my

credit card number, but couldn't furnish a 1st name.

6) Dirty cigarette buts were found on the floor

7) Bathtub and sink had lime rings around them.

I HIGHLY DO NOT recommend this hotel to anyone going to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee,

unless you want to be suprised by a different total amount, you like dirty rooms, and

rude customer service.

Thank you.

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