Hotel is beautiful. Service is terrible A review of Westin Annapolis

I realize this hotel is brand new, so I expected some "kinks" needing to be worked out. The room was luxurious, clean... great! I was in the area for a well-attended (>5,500 runners) 10 mile race (a top 10 rated by Runners World mag) so I expected the hotel to be aware of it. They were the closest to the event - 0.6 miles. I called the week prior to verify we'd be able to get shuttle service to-from the event (they said yes).

When we arrived, we were brushed off by the valet because a wedding was being hosted in the hotel this particular weekend. He attended to other presumably wedding vehicles first. Eventually we found someone to take our car and we asked the valet about the shuttle, just to sure up our plans. We were told that no, we would not be taken to the stadium. They came up with many excuses... first come first serve (but we were first!), they have a wedding at the hotel, we only travel to the waterfront, etc... So, as a result we needed to retrieve my car from valet 3 different times for a 1-night stay. Is that efficient? Actually, the last time I dropped it off for valet, they forgot to park it and it was sitting there with keys on the dash for an hour. Did I mention the guest handbook says the shuttle transports guests anywhere in a 3-mile radius???

The valets were terrible, but also 99% (the concierge was friendly) of the other hotel employees we spoke with reacted as though every question or request was a huge inconvenience for them. I'm even talking about just checking in or checking out or getting a drink at the bar. It wasn't just us; we witnessed it occurring toward other guests. I'm not at all surprised there are other service-oriented complaints on this website. Hopefully someone in management will see these reviews and make some changes. Otherwise it was a beautiful hotel.

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