Hotel from hell! A review of SHERATON CHARLOTTE HOTEL

Let's start with "overpriced." This hotel is a former Adams Mark undergoing a makeover that is not yet finished. The new decor can be charitably described as "early 60's European moderne." The room furnishings are Holiday-Inn-sturdy-squarish-and-dented, all topped with formica veneer, with the requisite two framed flower illustrations fastened to the wall over the beds (on one of them the matting had slipped).

Registration took more than 12 minutes instead of 5 even though there were only three people on my side of the counter and three staff on the other side. Upon registering you learn important things not mentioned on the hotel's website. Parking will cost you $6.00 per day and is separate from the hotel; it cannot be added to your bill. You'll spend another 5 minutes making the parking arrangements at the parking booth outside.

There is no connection between the parking garage and the hotel. You've got to go out the front door and walk around the corner of the building to get there. (Pray it doesn't rain.) At registration you will also be told that $50.00 will be charged to your credit card at the beginning of your stay to cover any incidentals (a new experience for me). When you get to your room to check your email you discover that using the hotel's wireless network costs an additional $10.95 per day.

The day following the first night's stay, housekeeping did not clean the room although I left at 9:30am and was out the entire day.

The hot water is scaldingly hot; be very careful. The wallpaper was peeling, the chain-latch was broken, and there's a light switch on the wall that doesn't work. The blackout curtains were damaged in my room and the early morning sunlight comes right in.

There is no room service, no restaurant, and no decent restaurant within walking distance. The minimal concession stand in the lobby is not staffed at night and you've got to wait for someone behind the registration counter to help you. Our one and only use of it at 10:30pm took 15 minutes (for one sandwich, two candy bars, chips, and two sodas.)

This hotel gives the impression that they are open for business and ready to please guests. NOT YET AND NOT FOR A WHILE!

As I'm sitting in my room writing this, watching all the welcoming hotel ads on CNN; I feel like a fool to have ended up here!

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