Horseshoe bay is clueless A review of Horseshoe Bay Resort Marriott

It all started when they couldn't give us directions to the hotel and we were down the street. They then cancelled all the rounds of golf for our trip. Then when we checked in they checked us into all the same rooms when we had seperate rooms for our families. Our last names are not even the same so that is a bit scary, whoever checks in just put them in with our family. Then they never even brought them there room key after calling two times. When you check into a hotel it would be nice if you could get in the room you reserved and then also get keys to it. After that we found a nice restaurant for dinner except no one knew where it was. Come to find out it has been renamed but it is still in their book. We decided to order breakfast, they never asked for our room number so I assumed that they had caller id like almost all the hotels. They don't so when we called to check on breakfast an hour later we found out that our food was waiting for us to call back because they had no information on it. Horseshoe Bay stinks and they have no clue on how to run an efficient resort! They need to visit their resort in Hawaii to find out how to run one.

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