Horrifying and traumatising.... A review of Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel

Myself and a friend began our 3 week USA tour here and were horrified beyond belief. You know you're on to a loser when you're asked if you want a room with or without a window at "reception". Our "room" was a poorly designed cubicle with thin "walls" which didn't even go to the roof. I had to ask people next door to be quiet. The showers were disgusting and I felt threatned just being in them. The place was bad value for money and we invested in a small safe and we felt the room was so unsecure. This is how I imagined the nightmare hostel featured in "The Beach" to look. We cancelled and left the next day and would have sooner if it hadn't been so late. My advice - avoid this nightmare, I even took photos so others would actually believe me when I spoke vehemnantly about this "hotel" we dubbed "Camp Death"....

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Bowery's Whitehouse Hotel
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