Horrific A review of Lakeside Inn

I took my mom here for her birthday because we had heard so much about Mt. Dora...Well, not never being there, I relied on the various Hotels/Inns own websites. Do NOT believe what you see on the Lakeside Inn website. It had the wonderful charm as you approached it but as soon as you entered -- that all ended. Our room, which was one of the biggest and most expensive and offered supposedly the best views of the lake was disgusting! And that's putting it politely. Stains upon stains on the rug. We didn't dare take our shoes off. The bathroom hadn't been cleaned and the floor was covered with unmentionable stains. The sofa in our room was probably as old as the Inn, and the bedspread had cigarette holes in it. Should I keep going?????

We ended up checking out and driving to Disney and stayed at one of their hotels for the night.

Please do NOT visit this place. It should be condemned!

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