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I carried my bags up and down the hall to the elevator to the registration desk five times because my key card did not wrok. The first room I was assigned was in a little hallway with no light called the Govenors Suite - I could barley see the room number - the key card did not work. I carried my luggage back downstairs where someone came up to the room to make sure the new card worked. The room was hot - there was sheet rock on the dressor from the ceiling - the floor was not vaccummed. They graciously moved me to the other end of the hall.

Of course, I had to carry all my luggage back downstairs to pick up the new key card. After carrying my luggage back upstairs, the key card did not work. I carried all my luggage back downstairs and was giving a new card and and an escort to make sure the key worked. We found the door was getting stuck in addition to the first card not working. The next day I returned to my room at noon and again my key card did not work. I was told they only made the card good for one day and not the three days that I had registered for. This room had a toenail on the coffee table, dust and dirt all over the window seal, hair all over the bathroom sink and floor. I cringed to think what was on the sheets. The headboard was not connected to the bed or the wall and hit the wall every time I sat on the bed or rolled over at night. The second day, house keeping did not clean the bathroom or the room, just put new supplies in the room. They did not even clean the coffee pot of left over coffee. HATED the stay and I will not return when I attend the next convention.

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Nu Velda Rose Resort Hotel
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