Horrible A review of Shawnee Inn and Golf Resort

The Shawnee looks so nice from their website, but oh boy; when you get it was something else. First, I booked a room specifcally with a kitchenette being that it was 4 people in a room and we staying for 2 nights. Now I went to the front desk at 2pm to check-in and they told me to come back no earlier than 3pm to check in. So I came back exactly at 3pm and the lady at the front desk, Peggy ( who wasn't very nice) told me they overbooked our room. She wasn't apoligentic or ATLEAST TRIED to be nice. So our room was extremly small, you can barely walked around the beds, the Air Conditioner wasn't strong enough so the temperature in our room stay at a steady 80 degrees. We killed 6 mosquitos and 1 bee that night in our room. The bathrooom sink was broken that if you pulled the handle it would almost come out. How can you run a hotel business "Shawnee inn and gold resort" if the staff was mean and the AC doens't work?! People go on vacation to get away from stress not to be in a stressful place. =*(

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