I would have to say this was one of the worst places I've ever stayed at. The hotel is down right ugly and overpriced. The rooms are very outdated along with the pool area. It takes forever to get to your room - it is a maze of long long hallways and stairwells to get you to anywhere you might want to go. When you actually find the pool/game area it is very dissappointing.

We stayed a thursday night in mid-October. They put us directly next to a group of college kids that were there for a senate conference. I felt as though we were on spring break.

The worst part came in the morning. My daughter was taking a shower when I heard glass break and screaming! A glass globe from a light fixture which was directly above the bathtub fell onto my childs head and broke. The entire bathtub was filled with shards of glass. She had quite a bump on her head and thankfully only a few cuts on her leg.

They were not as concerned about this situation as I was. They did comp our room and asked if she was ok. I asked them to fill out an accident report which they never did. We packed are bags immediatley and will never go back!

Please save your money. Maddens and Kavanaughs are both next door and are absolutely beautiful and friendly places to stay.

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