Horrible Service, Awful Food, for $1,999 a night....Don't Stay Here! A review of The Atlantic Resort & Spa

Words cannot express how horrible this place is. SERVICE does not exist. Get this, I paid $1999.00 (yes, you are reading it right, $1,999.00) a night for a 2 BR suite. Upon checkin, ordered 2 bottles of wine that took 45 minutes to arrive from room service, and there was no wine opener delivered with the wine and NONE in the room with a supposed full kitchen. The dinner/appetizers which arrived later were equally late (over an hour wait for each). The whirlpool tub in one of the bathrooms would not drain and it took "engineering" 15 minutes to correct the problem. Mice/Rats/Rodents (YES, can you believe this!!!!) were eating the candy/soap/bath salts in the room!!!! There were holes in the packaging and parts of the candy had been eaten and droppings on the countertop. We were on the 15th floor of this "luxury" hotel!!! The food from TRINA was awful, salty, and just plain bad. I arrived back to the room one day to find the door left open after turndown had serviced the room!!! Woke up on Sun. a.m. to fix some coffee and there were no coffee cups to be found!!! Spoke with Mgmt. and they offered to comp the room service dinner and offered a comp breakfast. This place needs major changes. The condo/hotel concept is o.k. if there is excellent service (Four Seasons), but Starwood just does not get it yet. I am a frequent travelor, always pay for high price hotels, and usually find the service at these places goes along with the price, but not at the Atlanta. I would advise anyone to stay away from this place until they can get the management and overall hotel services into shape. This has the smell of a real estate nightmare and failure in the works, and guests who are here in the meantime are paying the price for this failure.

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