Horrible, period A review of The Depot Renaissance Minneapolis Hotel

The line at check-in was out the door, when we finally got to the counter they acted as if we were bothing them or something. As far as parking keep in mind that they don't tell you until the last minute that it is $12 a night! The room was nice and clean, however the rest of the hotel was very dirty. The hallways outside the rooms were filled with trash, towels, and so many room service trays that they were days old.

We went there for the water park which is quite neat. Keep in mind that they don't always include the passes with your room, so make sure you ask. The place was so crowded, I asked one of the lifeguards about it because it seemed unsafe they said it was atleast 400 people. I noticed that there were only two lifeguards for this amount of people and the guard I asked said, well that is how many guards our managers wants and you may express your concerns to her. She was there that day and I did talk to her, she was the other lifeguard of the two that were there.

She told me that she wasn't even a lifeguard, just that they were short staffed. How can this be safe? I was a lifeguard in college and we had to have a certain amount of time off every hour and rotate to keep us fresh.

Some other things to remember, the reaturants food is horrible and very expensive, the pizza is the worst we've ever had. The water park doesnt allow any flotation devices except cost guard approved lifejackets, no kids in the hot tub, and 48" requirement for the big slide.

I asked to speak to a manager when we checked out on Sunday and I was told there wasn't any in today. I called and left a few voicemail messages with folks but haven't heard a thing. I urge you to seriously consider another place to stay until this place can gets its act together.

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