Horrible managment A review of Hotel Hermosa

I actually didn't even get to stay in the hotel because of the extremely rude staff. We had made reservations for two rooms for a birthday celebration that was extremely well planned out. We called twice to confirm our rooms were were booked. When we arrived we were told that they were totally sold out and they only had one room for us. The woman working said that theres nothing they can do so we asked to talk to the manager. She was even more rude and unhelpful. We had the name of the person who we talked to on the phone and confirmed our rooms. The manager said that we must have misunderstood her and that they would not have confirmed a room they didn't have. At this point we had far too large a group to fit into one room and we drove all the way to Hermosa and have no where to stay. There was much yelling and screaming exchanged when realizing this hotel basically told us we never had the conversations we claimed to have with her staff. We went to the nearby Days Inn in Hermosa and they were booked as well but were helpful enough to direct us to an available hotel.

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