Horrible, Horrible, Horrible... Not a Four Seasons... Stay Away!!! A review of Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village

Just stayed here. What a horrible experience. I've stayed at many Four Seasons hotels around the world... without exception, they've been great. This hotel, however, is dreadful.

The decor is haphazard... picture some "hunting dog" art, chinese armoires, tropical carpets, bright yellow paint, and some Tuscan starving artist paintings... all in what looks to be a convention hotel. Beyond tacky. It puts you in a bad mood to start. Then it gets worse. The restaurants are just Airport Marriott quality. But the Airport Marriotts have decent food and beverage service.

I've had better meals at Chili's than I did at "Onyx." The "japanese" food was mediocre at best, and when we ordered our main course, they came out 15 minutes apart... the three of us all dined alone. Then, the rice came out, just in time for dessert. The music was blasting as if we were in a nightclub. I asked the clueless yet rude manager twice if he could turn it down. He told me he did... he lied. He was unable to. I asked to speak to the Food and Beverage Manager, who I'm guessing previously worked at the above mentioned Chili's. He begrudgingly lowered it, but told me that the blasting music was intentional.

I could go on and on, but I'll stop now. I spent a lot of money and had a horrible, dreadful time that wasn't worth a dime. This place is not up to Four Seasons standards, not even close. If you expect elegant and seamless service, you will NOT get it here. Don't come. You WILL be disappointed! Or in my case, furious that I wasted my time and money.

P.S. It's right off the freeway in an office park.

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