Horrible Experience A review of Manhattan Broadway Hotel

When looking for this hotel, make sure you are looking hard because it is very easy to miss! The lobby is not very welcoming and the entire place seems cramped.

Now, first of all, this hotel says that it is for tourists and will work with them to make sure their stay is comfortable -- WRONG!! We made a reservation for a one-night stay and were told everything was fine. When we showed up at noon on Saturday we knew it was too early to get our room key, so we left our bags in a room and they checked us in and charged the credit card without giving us our key. We came back at 8pm to get our room key so we could freshen up and head out on the town. That is when the problems started!

We got our bags and asked for our key and the people at the front desk said they had no idea what we were talking about. They finally found our reservation again and said that there was a problem. Apparently it had rained on Friday morning and there was a leak in the roof and our room had water damage. So they said that they would refund our money so that we could go find some other place to stay. When asked why they didn't call us to let us know, or why we weren't told this at noon, all they came up with was "I don't know" and "the guy that was here at that time is new, so he probably didn't know either." This hotel has a 72 hour cancellation policy, yet they could not call their customers to let them know that they didn't have a room for them. They said that they probably did call, but when we told them that we did not have a message, they said that whoever noticed it probably forgot to call us to let us know.

When we told them that it was their responsibility to find us a place to stay, they said it wasn't their concern. they told us that they could refer us to some other hotels throughout the city that we could go and check to see if they had any vacancies! They actually wanted us to walk around the city at night with our luggage and look for a place to stay. Apparently the manager to this hotel is off on the weekends and does not answer his phone (BEWARE -- make sure not to have any "emergencies" on the weekend, because there is no manager). After having 5 of us saying that they had to do something, they found us a hotel for $300 more than we were going to pay there. Seriously, if we had $450 to spend in a room for one night, we wouldn't be staying at the "Manhattan Broadway" in the first place!

Finally, when we told them to give us back our money, since that was what hey had been saying all along we had even more problems. Apparently the people that work at night don't have a "code" for refunds. So they expected us to trust them that they would refund us the money the next day when the person with the code came in. RIGHT!! When we asked for them to call that person to see if they could come help us, we were told that he didn't work on weekends either. Then, when we said to just give us the refund in cash they did not want to do that either. Finally, an assistant manager was reached and she was able to cancel the transaction from home.

We also had friends that stayed there the same weekend as us and they said they were glad to have taken their own sheets because the rooms look nothing like the pictures -- they are small, dark and dirty. This has got to be the absolute worst experience I have ever had at a hotel! Definitely BEWARE!!!

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