Horrible and Overpriced A review of Anchorage Marriott Downtown


We booked in the summer and were fooled by the seemingly luxurious photo of the outside of the photo, as well as I had thought, the Marriott brand.

How wrong was I. We went on a weekend getaway and made the mistake of booking two nights here. I paid $200 per night for what I assumed would be a suite. This price was also listed as a SPECIAL on their website. We were completely fooled. Instead, it was a standard room that I normally wouldn't pay more than $50 for. Additionally, no airport shuttle.

Additionally, the front lobby/entrance was what I thought was a back parking entrance. I kept asking my husband if he was sure this was front entrance to the main lobby. Unfortunately, it was. Drab and cramped, nothing like what you'd expect from the photo of the outside. Very bare and boring, not to mention extremely claustrophobic. The lobby looked like what you'd see upon entering a fast food joint. Enough said.

I was exhausted and didn't want to deal with switching to another hotel, so we just stayed in the room with its very meager and basic accomodations for 2 nights. When I returned, I e-mailed corporate headquarters about our horrible experience. That was in August of 2005. As of this writing in Dec. 2005, they have not written back. I'm not going back.

I'll NEVER stay here or at another Marriott. Too bad too b/c we go to Anchorage at least once a month and have a large group of friends who do as well. Word travels fast.

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