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I stayed at the Sunrise Beach Club and Villas during mid May 2004. My boyfriend and I traveled to Paradise Island expecting our accommodations to exceed our expectations. We were disappointed in our stay at Sunrise. During our week long stay we encountered several problems. When we arrived at Sunrise we were allowed an early check in which was nice. Our room was not at all what we expected. On our first day (Saturday) we didn't pay much attention to detail, we were tired from traveling. Our first night we discovered that the king size mattress was mistakenly placed on the box spring sideways! The bed was extremely uncomfortable! We woke up with back aches every morning. On our second day we began to notice that the room was not very clean. Our dishes had spots on them, the tiled floor wasn't clean at all, and worst of all the shower curtain had a lot of mold on it. I was so disgusted that I wouldn't walk barefoot in our room at all, I even wore sandals in the shower every day! There was NO water pressure in the shower either. We decided that we weren't going to let this ruin our vacation so we made do. We decided to go for a swim in one of the property's two pools. The front pool was supposed to have waterfalls however we soon learned that none of the waterfalls worked and that this pool was filthy! It was completely covered with bugs, leaves and sand. We chose not to get in this pool and went to the pool located in the middle of the property. It was a little nicer. The pool looked out over the ocean which was beautiful. This pool didn't seem very clean either. We couldn't locate a net to clean out any of the debris so we cut our swim short. We wanted to wash some of our laundry that evening so we hauled it to the "laundry room." We started a load in the washer and when it was finished we loaded it into the dryer and tried to insert our quarters to start the dryer. The quarters did not fit! Here we are with an entire load of soaking wet laundry and we can't use the dryer. The office was closed so we wandered around to the back of the property to see if anyone could tell us about this dryer. Luckily we found a woman employee, we think she was security/housekeeping, who told us that the dryer up front only uses tokens and that the "private" dryer in the back would accept our quarters. She let us in the "private" laundry room to use the dryer. Thankfully we were able to dry our things. A sign in the laundry room stating that only tokens could be used would have been a nice touch.

The next day, Monday (day 3) was interesting. I was showering and my boyfriend came upstairs to tell me that I had to hurry and get out of the shower because the tub had a crack in it and was leaking all over the ½ bathroom located downstairs. Unfortunately it was already evening and the office was closed so there was no one I could report this to. On Tuesday (Day 4) we went to the office to tell them about the tub crack. We were told that they had tried to repair the crack in the tub but it must not have worked. The woman apologized and hinted that we would not be able to shower that day. I said that we needed to shower and she said that they didn't have any other rooms that they could move us to. They did however have a room that we could walk to and use the shower. They said we could move to that room if we wanted but the air conditioner was broke. We didn't want to sleep with no air conditioning so we had to haul all of our bathroom things to a room that was one away from where we were staying. Keep in mind that these are condos and there are no interior hallways. We used the shower in this room and slept in our current room. As we were getting ready to go to sleep that night we realized that our toothbrushes and my face soap were in the room with the working shower. We had to leave our condo at 11:30 p.m. to go get our things from the room where we showered earlier that day. This was a major inconvenience! The next day I went back to the office to tell them that I wasn't very happy and they said we could now move to the room we were using for showers because the air conditioner was working. They told us to keep the keys to our first room as well just in case the air broke again! Lovely, so we moved all of our things to this room. No better than the first... This room seemed to have just as many problems. Neither of the toilets seemed to flush right and the shower curtain here had mold on it as well. We stayed in this room Wed, Thurs and Fri night. The phone in this room wasn't turned on so if we wanted to make a call we had to walk back to the first room we had stayed in. We realized this when we tried to order a pizza one night. Going back and forth was a real hassle! When we had arrived we asked if we could possibly check out late and they said it would be no problem. On check out day we stopped by the office to make sure there were no problems and they said they needed us to leave our rooms because they had other guests checking in. We told them that we would still need to shower and pack up. We were told to pack up and leave our things in the office. They would find a room for us to shower in a few hours. Once again we had to move our belongings all around. The staff apologized but never really made our stay seem any more comfortable.

One of the women who worked in the office told us that she was sorry for the problems and that things would soon be changing at this property. She explained that they were under new ownership and that the condos would all soon be remodeled. She offered to take us on a tour of one of the units that had been renovated. WOW! This was the owners personal unit and it had five bedrooms and five bathrooms, one of these was an efficiency suite with a private entrance. This unit was amazing! Solid marble and granite was everywhere! It overlooked the ocean, had floor to ceiling windows, cathedral ceilings and all the luxuries of a fine home. Come to find out the owners paid over one million dollars for the unit itself and had spent more than 1.5 million dollars remodeling it. After seeing this unit we were even more upset that our stay was so troublesome.

We did meet some very nice people at this location. It appears that this property has one, two, three, and four bedroom units available for rent. After speaking with several guests staying some of the larger units we learned that they were all quite nice. No one seemed to have had experienced any of the problems that we had encountered.

I intend to send a copy of this to the property management in the hope that it will draw some attention to the many things which went wrong during our stay. The property itself is nice and it has a lot of potential. The location is perfect, located a short walk away from the Atlantis and adjacent to the Sheraton (which was closed for renovation during our stay). We were also just a short walk away from the One and Only Ocean Club.

Would I go back to this property, possibly... I would consider staying in one of the larger units since it seemed that they didn't have as many problems as the units we stayed in.

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