Honest Review, Positives and Negatives A review of Stockton Seaview Hotel & Golf Club

The reviews on this site have helped us greatly so I'll return the favor by presenting the facts. My wife and I just returned from a 4 day trip to the Marriott Seaview. Overall, I'd rate it about 3.5 stars on a scale of 1-5. For comparision purposes, we are upper middle class that know top level service but usually aren't that picky!!! I'll break it down honestly.

Property - It is an older, historic type hotel. Don't expect marble tile, prefect decor, and state of the art fixtures. It has character, especially if you take the time to study the history in pictures on the walls (old presidential visits, pro golf history etc.). It also is a little outdated and in need of refreshment in some areas. The rooms are slightly below average. Our room wasn't dirty, but was run down. Our mattress sagged badly and my back is sore as I write this. Bath is average for an old shore hotel, far below what you get at a newer resort. The pool is average, fine for our needs. It wasn't overly crowded and we had no issue getting chairs. The golf courses were great, I'll get to that later. The fitness center, volleyball and tennis courts were above average and the property has two restaurants and a few small bars. The property was nice, but average. The view was obstructed (there is very little "seaview". The big downer, no large deck, porch area to hang out on ... something I love to do at night with drinks. No beach nearby. Views are obstructed. No balconies on rooms.

Recreation ... This resort is all about GOLF. If you are not a golfer, go elsewhere. Great golf and golf history. Both courses were meticulously groomed, interesting to play and challenging. I favor the Bay Course with the traps and feskew grasses. Both of my rounds went at 4:15 ... good movement for a resort. Greens were smooth, but a little slow. They have plenty of fitness choices with tennis, volleyball, jogging trail etc.

Service ... Too many people looking for tips and little service or smile in return. Many college kids counting down the days until they leave. Constantly doing little stupid useless things I could do myself and waiting for a tip. In one sequence ... I tipped the shuttle driver to and from practice range, the guy getting my clubs, the guy who brought my clubs across the street to the course (they wouldn't let me cart across street or to range myself), the guy who cleaned them and the guy who met me afterwards to clean em again. No smiles or thank you's. Rediculous. Service by the pool was slow and not a smile to be seen (mostly a puss on there face the whole day). I had to chase down a bellman when we arrived and had to chase him down again when I saw my golf clubs still sitting curbside an hour after check in (UNMARKED). Only good service was in the restaurants where service was great. Bartenders nice as well.

Food ... Excellent all weekend whether casual or formal. Overpriced, but good. Good thing ... there are no other fine restaurants nearby.

Location ... If you don't like Atlantic City ... nothing nearby. No beach for about 10 miles. Cute little town of Smithville with about 50+ speciality shops. Quiet area which can be good or bad depending on your goal.

People ... I have nothing against NJ as I attended college there. However, many of the guests were just flat out attitude rude (golf playing partners, people at pool, bars, service, Atlantic City etc.). I told my wife I can't remember getting in so many confrontations in my life.

We had fun mostly because the golf, food, proximity to A.C., fitness options and only 3 hour drive. Not a top level property by any means. The Marriotts in FL, AZ and CA are much nicer (as are the people and service).

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