Hold out for Ramada or Days Inn A review of Pocono Plaza Inn Stroudsburg

The Clarion Hotel wa sa disgusting, unprofessionaly roach motel posing as a reputable institution. The first impression you receive is of one of the employees standing in the loby smoking a cigarette and chatting with her girlfriends on the phone. Also, there is the foul stench of mold and mildew through out the facility which looks like its hasn't been cared for since the 1960s. This is a hotel that should be bought, leveled and built on top of. The location is great in the Poconos but when you enter your room which is wall to wall rags for a carpet and turn on the light in the bathroom only to see the 40 year old cracked linoleum you ask yourself, "How can these people charge $110.00 a night for this dump?" The pool looks moldy, the continental breakfast is just coffee and the halls are dark and dingy. I can see this hotel being the setting of a creepy horror flick before it ever reaches the top 10 places to stay in the Poconos. I would hold out on stopping here and look for a Hampton Inn or a Ramada. It just seems that the standard of quality has been seriously decreasing in the hotel buisness recently and I am very disappointed in what I get for my money.

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Pocono Plaza Inn Stroudsburg
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