Hipster Heaven in Downtown Portland! A review of Ace Hotel Portland

The Ace wins the award hands down for hippest hotel in the country right now. So many reasons why:

-is a renovated, updated version of the Clyde Hotel featured in "Drugstore Cowboy"

-it's location is perfect--it's right in between downtown and the Pearl District, a free street car runs right by it, and art galleries in Old Town are minutes away by foot.

-the details and decorations in the rooms are amazing. In every room there are: unique hand-painted murals, turntables or iPod jacks, cool indie fashion zines, good toiletries, etc.

-they have a cool old picture booth in the lobby that takes guests photos

-they have vintage bikes that guests can take out (for free) to ride around Portland

The hotel is a great mix between vintage cool, good modern design, and army/navy surplus.

Right off of the lobby is a Stumptown coffee outpost that fills the first floor with wonderful aroma. On the other side of the lobby is Clyde Commons, one of the better restaurants in the area, that serves great cocktails and locally grown food in a communal setting.

The only thing keeping this place from being the ultimate, best hotel ever is:

THE STAFF- while nice and approachable, no one we ever asked gave us good advice or tips. They look like the coolest kids ever in their vintage vests and black dickies but couldn't tell us where a great place to get sushi was or where a cute place to get a bagel w/ lox and read the newspaper was. They just didn't seem that knowledgable.

THE NOISE- the hotel is vintage--that's part of the charm. It also means that you can hear people above and below you some. Also, if you are on the frontside of the building you'll hear the streetcars going by and folks going to nearby bars and clubs on the weekend.

Overall, these two negatives were worth living with. Nothing that a good guidebook or pair of earplugs couldn't fix.

I would stay their again in a second. At a hotel this cool, you can't help but feel like you are "in the know" and at one of Portland's cultural centers while you are there.

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