Hilton has more than new hotel blues A review of Hilton Suites Ocean City Oceanfront

I was completely disappointed with this facility. It was so bad that employees were complaining to me about the lack of organization! Coffee was spilled in an elevator that I entered and the maintenance man was very vocal that he couldn't keep up with the cleaning. The bellman was complaining that too many people were checking out so no luggage carts were available. Is that what you pay almost $375 a night for?

The lack of security is glaring. My express checkout with my name, address, HiltonHonors number and credit card information was left in the hall on the day of checkout!

The parking garage is packed with local derelicts despite permits being issued at checkin.

The overflow parking is dangerous, especially with children, due to the traffic and thugs strolling the sidewalk from the local liquor store on the corner.

This was my 1st trip to Ocean City MD. It is NOT a family oriented resort and the Hilton does not come close to being classified as a resort.

The rooms are not ready on time and do not deliver on the promised amentities such as a working phone! Light bulbs, radio, alarm clock, linens were all missing. Further, the shower leaked all over. Is that what you expect from a facility not even opened one month?

The pools are great, but overrun by visitors from other, cheaper hotels and no towels are available. If you want to use the beach be prepared. There are no chairs, umbrellas, towels, etc. for rental or from the hotel. It is difficult to even get out to the beach with the steps from the pool area to the beach area.

Don't think of eating here either, unless you have plenty of time and cash. We spent over $50 for 3 people at breakfast and it took almost 1 hour to be served. The only thing we ordered were the french toast and scrambled eggs. The server did not come back for coffee refills, etc. and many of the items on the menu were already sold out. My breakfast was to come with fruit. The waitress delivered the plate and THEN told me that there was no fruit available. After an hour wait, why even bother to complain? This was at 9:30 in the morning with only 3 other parties in the restaurant!

Save your money and avoid this facility. Ocean City is not a friendly resort area to start with. It is definitely not worth $350+ per night. If you really want to go to OC, Maryland you better wait at least a year until the hotel can be properly managed.

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